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Bored so I’m making my own tag game.

  • I really
  • Hold upwait
  • Serious
  • I think
  • Wait
  • Please just
  • That is
  • Oh god

Nightwish Ruined My Life

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01/01: Once

actual lines from season 6 of xena: warrior princess
ares: does anyone remember that i still could be xena's dad? no? okay. okay cool.
gabrielle: you know ancient greece has some really quality underwire bras
gabrielle: whoa brunhilda you need to brunchillda
caesar: even in the au of my own making xena and gabrielle still get together and i die a brutal death by someone close to me? brutus how could this have happened
brutus: maybe it's because you're an asshole?
caesar: don't be ridiculous brutus, everyone loves me
brutus: [stabs him again]
xena and gabrielle: [fly away in the sunset using the helmet] SEE YA LATER ALLIGAYTORS
gabrielle: xena i am in love with you. in a romantic way. that's why i'm transferring water to you with my lips. right this very moment. this is a kiss. this is a romantic kiss made by one romantic partner to another.
xena: don't let the network hear you, pookie
xena: hey gabrielle get a load of this there's a rumor i died back in japa
" Expectation is the root of all heartaches. "
— Shakespeare (via psych-facts)

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#Tarja Turunen

So because I have absolutely no idea what’s happening on Once Upon a Time anymore I decided to scan through the wikipedia article on the plot of season 3 just to get the gist of it and

Unbeknownst to everyone, a green mist flows from her pendant and re-enacts the time travel spell. Emma and Hook accidentally fall into it and end up in the Enchanted Forest of the past, and incidentally interrupt Prince Charming and Snow White’s first meeting.”

this whole show is an accident



Sharon doing the Ice Bucket Challenge was adorable beyond words.


Guilt from my sins, dear lord can you save me? Help me break free, or give the strength to stand with bravery. Cause I just been fucking up lately.  I been fucking up, when you tryna take me. 


Anonymous sent:

I'll be very sweet with you, you're a precious human being and you deserve loads of kindness and sweetness. I'll make you feel loved like nobody've ever done. But this won't get real, so I'll just be an anon.

I’d still like to know you, Anon.

But I understand. The possibility of impossibility is crushing. Chin up, friend! There aren’t a great many things in life that cannot happen, and all of them are irrelevant precisely for that reason. Now sit down and let me hold you.